Hey, would you like to make a suggestion?


With that simple question and an enormous white Suggestion Box, Illegal Art canvassed the five boroughs of New York City, collecting suggestions from passersby of every stripe—the young, the old, the filthy rich, the homeless, the mouthy, and the shy. Some people held the Suggestion Box prisoner while they wrote suggestion after suggestion. Others ignored The Box, but then came scrambling back with a sudden idea. With over 300 handwritten suggestions straight from the streets of NYC, Suggestion is by turns hilarious, cryptic, inflammatory, and heartwarming. It’s also a testament to the public’s innermost desire—whether it’s free beer, free day care, or free pumpkin pie every Thursday.

Buy the book: Suggestion or Make a Suggestion!

(thank you jennifer)

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  1. Love the suggestions on the site, I’m tempted to order the book!

  2. this is amazing. thanks for the find.
    – Jessie –

  3. genius…am ordering the book.

  4. what a great project!