i’m talkathon | 30 days of e-mailing and IMing for the common good.


Parker is a guy with a computer and good intentions. A couple of months ago, he found out about the i’m Initiative. It’s a Microsoft program that gives to a social cause every time you use Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Hotmail. He saw an ad that said, “The more you talk, the more we give.” So he thought, if he gets a bunch of people talking for 30 days, how much will they give?

Hmm… I have a slightly icky feeling knowing that is is sponsored by Microsoft. Marketing people are trying hard to cash in on the blogsphere, aren’t they?

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  1. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page:
    …”A herd of well-compensated legal professionals in Redmond, Washington, says we also need you tell you something:
    The Parker Whittle character depicted herein is fictitious and his activities are described for illustrative purposes only…”

  2. Is this anything like the email Bill Gates just sent me saying he’d send me $5,000 if I forward the email 100 times?