Splash Dipping Bowls


Splash Dipping Bowls by Akimasa Yamada, 2007

balloon racer


I had one of these when I was a kid and *loved* it! Balloon Racer.

Kartell Componibili Round


Keep coming back to these: Kartell Componibili Round “Modular Unit System”. These would look so nice in our new office space…. Hmm..

bubble battle

Bubble Battle. Wish I would have known about it. I would have loved to take Ella. But then again, her head might have exploded with all those bubbles!

Daniel Taylor on Change

Change doesn’t happen because of how we invest our money. Change happens because of how we invest our human energy, and it always has since we came down from the trees. Everyone’s got a margin of discretionary energy — ten percent, twenty percent — that isn’t used up making their way in the world. That’s the energy that’s available for social change. — Daniel Taylor


Taylor runs a non-profit called Future Generations.

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Fanette Mellier | Designer


Love this font by Fanette Mellier. (the navigation of the portfolio site is slightly painful though)

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clear blue sky


180 degrees rotated picture of a clear blue sky, by Helmut Smits

who should we put on the cover?

Who should we put on the cover? How about someone who actually wants to be there and that the audience cares about. How about someone we can spend some time with a write a meaningful story and take interesting pictures of. I look forward to the day when magazines can return to serving their audience and not the newsstand. Until then you’re stuck with 109, free, biggest, hot, ultimate, travel, toys, secrets, great, perfect, best, sex, abs, weight-loss, getaway, new, insider, easy, delicious, shortcuts, paired with a celebrity you keep seeing over and over on the covers of magazines.

who should we put on the cover?

i’m talkathon | 30 days of e-mailing and IMing for the common good.


Parker is a guy with a computer and good intentions. A couple of months ago, he found out about the i’m Initiative. It’s a Microsoft program that gives to a social cause every time you use Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Hotmail. He saw an ad that said, “The more you talk, the more we give.” So he thought, if he gets a bunch of people talking for 30 days, how much will they give?

Hmm… I have a slightly icky feeling knowing that is is sponsored by Microsoft. Marketing people are trying hard to cash in on the blogsphere, aren’t they?

The Train That Never Stops

The Train That Never Stops

The above video (note: it’s in Taiwanese), demonstrates a rather interesting concept by Taiwanese inventor Peng Yu-Lun for a train that never stops. He correctly points out that trains would be far more efficient (and on-time) if they didn’t have to go through the trouble of, you know, stopping to pick up passengers, Unfortunately, at present not stopping for passengers would mean, well, no passengers. Yu-Lun’s design solves that problem with a kind of “top-mounted boarding shuttle that is scooped up when the train passes one station and automatically deposited when it reaches the next stop.” See the video to get a better sense of how it would work.

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Where the hell is Matt?

Matt Harding traveled the world and started a tourist-dancing-movement. 14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. Moving! wherethehellismatt.com

(thanks to my first official foreign correspondent marco hendriks)

a movie about my new home


I’ve moved to Carroll Gardens, a beautiful Brooklyn Neighborhood, over 8 years ago and never left. Here’s a documentary about the old-timers in the neighborhood that I call home.

Roots in the Garden, by Carolyn Cole & Pia Sawhney

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colorful toy storage


colorful toy storage

MagCloud and the Future of Magazine Publishing


Derek Powazek: “For the last year, I’ve been working on a project with HP Labs called MagCloud. The idea is simple, really. MagCloud enables anyone to start a magazine — real, live printed magazine — with no giant pile.” Wonderful idea, I wish the ‘overal browsing/preview experience’ was better though. issuu does a far more sophisticated job. Can’t wait to see the print quality of one of these…

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How Obama Reinvented Campaign Finance


How Obama Reinvented Campaign Finance, an infographic by XPLANE.

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a tale of trying to ‘unsubscribe’


Liz wrote an interesting post about her experience of unsubscribing to various email newsletters: It’s Not You; It’s Me.

Making Sense of the Semantic Web

Nova Spivack at The Next Web Conference 2008 from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten on Vimeo.

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What every good marketer knows!

Found Seth Godin’s interesting list of “What Every Good Marketer Knows” over at Buhlerworks.

* Anticipated, personal and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk.
* Marketing is the way your people answer the phone, the typesetting on your bills and your returns policy.
* You can’t fool all the people, not even most of the time. And people, once unfooled, talk about the experience.
* Blogging makes you a better marketer because it teaches you humility in your writing.
* Products that are remarkable get talked about.
* What people want is the extra, the emotional bonus they get when they buy something they love.

What Every Good Marketer Knows“, by Seth Godin

A More Perfect Union

“A More Perfect Union” spells out the preamble to the United States Constitution with forty friends in a high school gym in New York City. I would have wanted to be the comma girl. Poetic!

(HD) A More Perfect Union from Andrew Sloat on Vimeo.

(thank you craig)

Swiss Business Etiquette

This article on Swiss Business Etiquette had me chuckle a few times and had me realize that I’ve been in NYC for a long time now…


When negotiating with German or French Swiss, objective facts and detailed information is more important than subjective feelings. Thorough presentations, which emphasize logic and efficiency, are generally more effective. Restraint in voice and manner is also more important when doing business with German and French Swiss.

The Swiss are not known to rush into decision-making, signing agreements, contracts, and the like. It may jeopardize the progress of negotiations to press for a decision.

Patience is thought essential to success in Switzerland, where hard-sell high-pressure tactics are often unsuccessful.

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If someone wants a sheep…

If someone wants a sheep, then that means that he exists.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

123 New York | Written by Puck, Illustrated by Kevin Somers

Ella’s love for counting is still going strong, so I’ve introduced her to 123 New York, a board book written by Puck and Illustrated by Kevin Somers. Loving all things minimal, I appreciate the simple and bold illustration style of all the New York City landmark and symbols.

Number 8 had me think though: Is NYC famous for its Pizza? Number 10, the hot dogs, I do get, with all the hot dog street vendors, but Pizza? Number 5, the cab spread is our favorite. Ella goes ‘yellow taxi’, ‘yellow taxi’ the minute the page opens. And regarding number 2: Mets, or Yankees?

I admit, I am tempted to create a similar book with iconic swiss symbols — sausages, cheese, cows, mountains, money. Maybe a project for our upcoming trip to the swiss alps in two weeks…

There’s also a 123 California and a 123 USA.

Do you have a LookyBook Bookshelf? I do.

Hillman Curtis Short Film: Bridge

tree hooked


I am currently researching coat hooks for our new office space that we’re about to move into in about two weeks. I *love* this Tree Hooked by Alissia Melka-Teichroew.