Sad Song (Long)


Sad Song (Long)

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  1. So wait… Now it _is_ possible to make your own music on a PC?

    Woops, you didn’t think this through, did you, Apple? ;)

  2. Wow, Apple really needs to move on from this outdated ad campaign. It’s a one liner that was funny for 5 seconds with the first ad but has now gone on far far far too long. I am a big Apple fan (even though I am stuck on a PC most of the time thanks to Autocad not being written for the Mac), but this campaign really makes me want to buy a PC just so I don’t seem like an arrogant tool like the “Mac user” in the ad. What happened showing their innovative side? Don’t get me started on the iPhone ads…again great the first 5 minutes but now it has been a year….enough!