So Young, and So Gadgeted

EVERYONE knows that babies crawl before they walk, and that tricycles come before two-wheelers. But at what age should children get their first cellphone, laptop or virtual persona? These are new questions being faced by 21st-century parents, and there is no wisdom from the generations for guidance. You can’t exactly say to your teenager, “When I was a boy, I didn’t have an unlimited texting plan until I was in high school.”

So Young, and So Gadgeted, by Warren Buckleitner

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  1. The use of new technology by children is becoming a huge health problem which more and more experts are only beginning to realise. Kids these days are exposed to a ridiculous amount of information carrying radio waves and is seen to be contributing to the rapid rise in neurological epidemics. They are more susceptible due to the developing organs and tissue and the density of their brains compared to adults.

    This is a far more serious issue than being concerned about the educational and social growth of your children.