The Best Way to Present Yourself for an Interview

Fun idea! I’d be impressed if a designer would put so much thought and work into a presentation/interview. Fab!

(via oneplusinfinity)

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  1. “a lot” is two words. You’re fired.

  2. Was that video supposed to be good?

    Oh dear…. where is this world going..?

  3. @spoopfy: Yes, and it succeeded. The world is, thank goodness, going in the opposite direction of your tastes.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Swiss Miss! I think it is terrific. It is one of those ideas that i wish i would have come up with first…

  5. omg, i love this. also love the music. he is a doll.

    ps. spoopfy is weird.

  6. Very cool video. Good find.

  7. I want to hire him. Immediately!

  8. oh, i love it! :) that was adorable.

  9. I love it! I’m taking this~~

  10. oh technology – I despise you at times, and yet I just want to hug you after seeing how someone can illustrate a 3 minute slice of their life with the wonderful world of technology.

    thank you for sharing this swissmiss.

  11. Attention to detail? Most of his portfolio links on his website are 404…and the misspelling of “alot” is resume suicide.

    Concept is sound.

  12. passion and heart are more important than spelling and details.

  13. Not to mention that his “presentation” had a whole lot of words and very little actual talent displayed.

    Wouldn’t hire, personally. I felt like I knew nothing of the mans abilities after that. Except he can draw VERY very basic cartoons with markers…and knows how to use a camera and attach a music clip (without the musicians permission, also a no-no).

    Might be able to wow someone who’s not in the field with that, but no… not here.