The Other Side | Written & Illustrated by Istvan Banyai

I admit, I jump around a lot when surfing the web. It doesn’t happen all that often that something makes me stick around for long. Well, here comes the exception to the rule: “The Other side“, on LookyBook, just had me linger for a good 20minutes. Hat tip to Istvan Banyai. His illustration skills and imagination are impressive. “The Other Side” makes you look AND think. I don’t necesarily would want having to explain this to Ella at this point, she’s clearly too young, but I can’t wait for her being old enough to ‘get it’.

The Other Side” is a wordless picture book devoted to the study of opposing vantage-points. Each picture–be it a young girl practicing cello and watching a paper airplane soar outside the window, a penguin biking across a deserted highway, or a chick poking its beak through the page–has a corresponding opposite, or “other side.” This book is an entertaining roller coaster of mini-experiences.

A new favorite on my “Bookshelf“.

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  1. awesome!
    reminded me of the “point of view” installation,
    where some magic happens:



  2. this is one of my favorite children’s books. I have been a fan of Istvan’s for some time now, and it is great to see him do a book like this.

  3. You should check out his other books, “Zoom” and “Re-Zoom”. I love all three!

  4. amazing! i love this and him. i fell in love with a new yorker cover he did years ago and finally tracked down an old copy and framed it. i have loved it always!

  5. beautiful friends

  6. way cool

  7. Thank you for good sharing.

  8. interesting and keep going..

  9. i want to buy that book

  10. where can i find that book?

  11. the other side i really want to buy..