‘Uncreative Writer’ Retypes the ‘New York Times’

He typed an entire issue of the New York Times into an 840-page book called Day. He recently completed a trilogy, The Weather, Traffic and Sports. They are transcriptions of a year of radio weather reports, a 24-hour traffic cycle and the radio broadcast of a Yankees game. Ums, uhs and ads included.

‘Uncreative Writer’ Retypes the ‘New York Times’

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  1. have you ever seen warhol’s, “empire?”

  2. I love his quote, “The conversation around the work is always much more interesting than the work itself. So I let you off the hook. I say, you don’t have to read these books. You can just think about them.”

    Such an example of the strange place we’re in with meta-creativity. Maybe he should’ve just thought about “writing” them.