What about having your flickr image on your credit card?


Capital One now let’s you customize your credit card with one of your flickr photos (or any kind of photo for that matter). Cool! Now, if only they would fix their outdated (but brandnew!) swoooshy logo. It seriously pains me and would keep me from switching to this bank. Yep, I know, completely superficial. I am a designer, what can you do….

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  1. I feel your pain on the swoosh logo (and it’s new). I could never switch to the bank because of it.

  2. That…is…awesome..

  3. May just get one but not use it, hey its free!

  4. Here in Belgium you can already put you own picture in your bankcard but i don’t think on your creditcard. Nice implementation btw of flickr.

  5. don’t like the logo? I wonder if with a bit trial and error it would be possible to redesign the logo (or even make it disappear) by changing the background accordingly.

  6. @arnoldski

    maybe!, although the logo appears to be white with a drop shadow. if it was only white, you could hide is with a white background.

    :< i always wanted to design my own card, but hoped a bank with a cuter logo would pick up the idea....instead of nasty capitalone.

  7. oops. i suppose i meant “@ thomas”

    i always look at the name above, rather than below the comment itself. *smacks head*