aviary decor kids mirrors


My latest Cookie/Nesting post covers these Kids Mirrors. How fun would it be to mimick the same playful pose in front of one of these?

(thank you theodore)

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  1. Mmm… I don’t know, there’s something a bit “The Shining” about these, imagine one of the little darlings scrawling REDRUM across one of these. If they did the mirror in the form of the scary wee twin girls, it would be a rather chilling piece of decor..

  2. Wow, I don’t think “The Shining” at all. They would be great for a modern kid’s room. Somebody has got a really creative imagination or they don’t have kids.

  3. Shining? I don’t see it. I think the mirrors are pretty great. If only I was fortunate enough to have such cool decor as a child.

  4. I think is great!
    I hope I have one for me and every kid that coming to my home can play in it.

  5. ugly…