largest ancestry: 2000


Largest Ancestry: 2000

(via ganz frische frischmilch)

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  1. Take that, Swiss!

    By the way, what constitutes “American”? Isn’t the whole point of this map that everyone comes from somewhere else? I guess 5 generations of hillbilly isn’t a listed checkbox.

  2. Awesome map!

    I believe “American” translates to Scotch-Irish ancestry, as that’s the dominant Caucasian ancestry for pretty much all of those areas covered by the label.

  3. WTF? Finnish and Norwegian… have to start a new migration wave from Sweden or something. :)

  4. What about the Swiss?? ;-))

  5. People checking the “American” box might be some kind of sociohistorical reaction. Like how most of this map wouldn’t have been light blue during certain parts of the twentieth century, issues of actual ancestry notwithstanding.

  6. There’s a typo: “portuguese” not “portugese”…

    Interesting map.