URL, R.I.P, 1988 – 2008

“Ah, URL, we hardly knew ye. As has been widely reported and almost uniformly lamented, the ICANN has decided to “relax” naming rules for website addresses, ditching the nearly universal .com, .org and .net for things like .dot, .awesomenewending, and .fart.”

(via xblog)

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  1. i got nervous hearing that…but apparently it’s pretty expensive for just anyone to do. thanks for the heads-up!

  2. Hey,
    How much do you think that you would be prepared to spend on .swissmiss or a domain just for you? I think that some TLDs will be cool from a personal/vanity point of view, some will be “useful” for big businesses for SEO and money making purposes (e.g. .beer, .sex, .hotels, .starbucks) and some will be good for communities/non-TLD countries like Wales (.cym), Quebec (.qc) and Scotland (.sco). I have to say that I agree – I preferred the more moderated approach. Having said that, I’m looking down the back of my couch for pennies to save up to buy .cola – that way I could sell pepsi.cola and coca.cola! Winner! How long before the first TLD-squatting court case?