Eddy, one of my readers, had a decorative suggestion for our studio:

Definitely made me smile. Thank you Eddy!

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  1. Um, you work for the Red Cross now? Isn’t the Swiss a white cross on red?

  2. Be careful, the Red Cross will come after you for that.

  3. LOL so just paint a red rectangle with a white cross. Nothing to it.

  4. All that white was bothering me too. Maybe not a red cross, but something screams to fill that space.

  5. I think a giant picture of those Alps cows. And your door should make cow bell sounds every time it opens.

  6. Hmm, I once painted exactly that on my wall. Maybe 8 years ago. My girlfriend hated it. I still like it.

  7. re: Prescott Perez-Fox

    That’s the humor in it :) The place looks so white it’s like a hospital. And the red cross of course is the opposite of Miss Swiss. Meh, maybe not that funny, but fun.

  8. You know, I’ve thought about that 1st comment by PPR a number of times now. Maybe I’m just crabby, but, seriously, dude – I think you can assume that SWISS miss knows her own flag. Sometimes people who make comments really baffle me…

  9. If you really have those chairs I feel bad for you. We have them at work and sitting in them for more than 2 hours is torture. They may be herman miller chairs but its a clear case of form over function. Love the look, hate the feel.

    :) Lovely studio though.