How to be a good client


How to be a good client (PDF). By Number17.

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  1. Oh how I wish we could place this into every proposal! haha

  2. Love it!
    There should be one for creatives too though.

  3. this guide — and the intern one — are both amazing. AMAZING.

  4. Perfect. I could use this.

  5. Here’s one that springs to mind that was missed off.

    Clients who tell you that they want the boundaries pushed and to let your creative juices flow, only for 2 weeks later they’re telling you exactly how to do your job down to the smallest detail.

    We know that nobody knows your clients better than you, but we are called creatives for a reason.

  6. Klasse! offensichtlich sind die probleme und die idioten leider überall gleich! herzliche grüße from good old europe!

  7. heheh, check this funny little booklet out…it’s called “how to be a better client”. A satirical but oh-isn’t-it-true version of the above. Brought to us by a little but magnificent design firm in Troy, NY. The movie on the link is funny, too!

  8. I LOVE it! Funny and soooooo true.