please choose a language


How wonderfully creative is this start screen that prompts you to choose a language (swedish or english)? LOVE it!

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  1. Too bad most Yanks can’t identify the flag of Canada or Mexico, let alone Sweden.

    I wonder how you’d put Nepal up there. Libya would be easy.

  2. A start screen is never a thing to fawn over.

    And it’s in Flash.

  3. Might as well be Swedish and Russian though…

  4. Is this my lack of Swedish?, but isn’t Swedish an English word? Isn’t this a bit like choosing between French and English instead of choosing between Francais and English?

  5. This test is used to prevent automated robots from posting comments.

    Soon it will be proof that you are human when we FAIL these eye bending tests ….

  6. Here in Canada, I would’ve expected English to be a red and white ribbon.

  7. I think i was Ukrainian and Russian. Not so good.