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Here’s an update to a site I’ve mentioned before: AirBed&Breakfast. Joe sent me a note saying that they now officially launched. Hooray! I just had a look and am impressed with what I saw! Obviously their community is growing fast, with places to stay in over 350 cities in 56 countries all around the world! The new site allows secure online payments via PayPal or credit card, user profiles, the ability to book a room in 3 clicks. They were recently picked up by CNN, NY Times, WSJ, and PSFK. The first peer-to-peer travel site is doing well even in my own neighborhood – they are about to surpass 100 listings in NYC/Brooklyn. What a fabulous resource! Save money when traveling to NYC or make money as a host when you’re home… Check it out!

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  1. It’s great! But it’s not the first peer-to-peer travel site… Couchsurfing and hospitality club are active since years now, and they are free…

  2. good to know it actually exists!

  3. cool concept. i just went through the sign up process and don’t think this site is like couchsurfing. i’m a cs member and this seems geared more toward the hotel crowd than the hospitality club user. i may be wrong, but that’s the tone the site puts across (tag line). kudos to them for a well designed UI.

  4. JUST in time for my cross country road trip!!! Thanks so much fo this post ;)

  5. I actually used recently and it was a pretty good experience…didn’t get robbed or anything.