cool feet


Seen these cool feet before. Time to get them. My laptop is HOT!

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  1. I bought them and love them. My laptop still gets hot, but at least there is a little breeze under there!

  2. They are great! Super practical to travel around too. I’m sure you’ll love it!

  3. I just ordered them yesterday! What a coincidence.

  4. Put them on the front of your laptop though, not the back, so your keyboard will slope away from you and encourage an ergonomically sensible hand/wrist position. (Think playing the piano: with a nice smooth sloping line from forearm through wrist and onto the fingers, rather than the hands cocked up from the wrist like a carpal tunnel disaster waiting to happen.)

    Provided you don’t have your laptop on a surface that’s higher than your elbows (’cause that would make you hunch your shoulders up) you’ll find it way more comfortable.

  5. These are great, I bought some for my MacBook then for my Powerbook and finally another set for my Intuos3 Graphics Tab. They give off a great angle for illustrating.