dissasembled appliances prints


I’ve posted about BrittnyBadger’s dissasembled appliances before. She now sells prints of her photographs on etsy. You’r looking at a dust buster above. Ingenious, no?

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  1. great photos. loved them when I first saw them.

    but…. $100 for a print of it, whoa, just seems a tad high.

    Yeah it’s a 13×19, but still you can get those professionally printed for around $10. Don’t like leaving a negative like that on it, and would hang some of these on my walls, but not for $100….

  2. ooh- great images!

  3. hey it says theyre 50 bucks, she must have changed the price…

  4. now that sounds a lot better price wise.

    The only problem I have now is my art fund is quite low, been on a sort of poster buying binge. Gotta get some cash to frame them all now.

    All in all though, great images like i said before, and great idea. One of those, i should have thought of that, things