life clock


nothing seems out of the ordinary when you first look at Life Clock. upon closer inspection, you may notice the numbers seem a little high. this is because one rotation of this clock is equal to the average human lifespan. the clock is an artwork by bertrand planes which uses an ordinary clock slowed down 61320 times to make each minute equal to a year.

(via designboom’s contemporary time pieces)

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  1. Clever, but am I the only one who finds this depressing? It’s literally your biological clock. But on a positive note, it’s a nice reminder that every minute is one less in your life, so enjoy it. Ok, I’m reading into it too much :)

  2. It’s my 30th birthday tomorrow so I was momentarily extra sensitive about seeing my life on a clock… until I realized that 30 was not at the bottom. That totally made my day!

  3. Love the new logo!! (been following on RSS for a while, so sorry if I’m late in noticing)

  4. i’d like to see an updated version with “150” on the top. Love the new logo.

  5. creeeeepy!

    and love the new logo, too :)

  6. Cool idea – perhaps the same idea could be used for mass-produced house hold items except around the other way.? E.G. Mobile phones most people expect to last 2-3 years yet most only last 1-2 so you can program the clock to run faster giving the illustion that the life is 2-3 years but is actually shorter.