swissmiss studio coffee + chat

Our studio was filling up quickly…

Scott Bellina had one coffee too many :)

Tom Tinervin toasting to our first ‘virtual skype guest’ Billy Davenport in Knoxville.

So today was the kick-off to our new coffee+chat series here at our studio. What a great turn out! Thanks for everyone that made it out to DUMBO so early and showed the will-power to walk up 6 floors! (What great timing for our elevator to break down!)

I met lots of interesting folks and simply wished there would have been more time! But don’t despair, there will be another one of these events next month! The plan is to connect each meetup with a topic and a potential short presentation. If you have a topic you’re passionate about and would like to present at one of our upcoming events, email me. Also, if you run design studio in DUMBO (or Manhattan) and would like to host one of these mornings, email me as well. You can view some pix of today’s event here.

Thanks again to Saul from Freshbooks who sponsored today’s breakfast!

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  1. Tina, this morning was so much fun — thanks for hosting us! I’m definitely looking forward to the next session and hopefully I can arrive on time. See you soon.

  2. where do you find the time? sponsored breakfasts? that’s awesome.

    billy on skype… !!!

  3. I would love to attend your next studio coffee + chat!
    Looks like fun and what a great idea!


  4. Oh that looks so fun, to mingle and to meet interesting people all around.

  5. Man, I wish I had known that Skype was a possibility. So would have been on that.

  6. These are great pics! I wish I could be there but distance was kind of an issue.

  7. Tina, it was an excellent time! I look forward to the new format and getting the chance to meet more people next time.

  8. Tina, it only takes two nails to get them off the desk and out from behind the computer…

  9. And they’re backwards, BTW.

  10. Just some constructive critisism; Scott Belina looks like David Droga.