Oh my, I want this poster (and hallway for that matter). Love! (Does anyone know where this is from originally? The blog I found it at is not giving credit…) Thanks to Josh for pointing me to the original source.

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  1. It is from http://ninainvorm.punt.nl/, I think it is an image of her home? I found the picture with the link to her blog via http://blackwhiteyellow.blogspot.com/

    I hope this helps! And I hope my blog was not the one who didn’t link it haha

  2. It was mine, very sorry! I can’t believe someone reads my blog!

  3. This is definitely not in Nina’s house!

    I’m pretty sure that was in Domino magazine.

  4. i saw it a few weeks ago on apartment therapy


    someone on there did some researching and you can buy it here


    but at $2800 i think a DIY is in order….

  5. Whoa do NOT pay that much! I work at a print shop and I just priced it out as black vinyl over 3/4″ clear acrylic and it just barely pushes $400 Another option is to route the number out of Black acrylic or wood, still not anywhere near that crazy price.

    How do they get away with this crap?

  6. I agree, I love it. I wonder what the number represents, if anything? Number of people in the family? Either way, it’s lovely.

  7. This reminds me of my black number 5 on clear plastic (used for a gas station sign) I have up in my bed room, it was free but is far smaller – but still pretty relevant compared to the other stuff on the walls of my room.

  8. I want this poster too! . . . Wait, all my walls are slanted (third floor attic). Maybe someday :)


  9. I want this poster too! . . . Wait, all my walls are slanted (third floor attic). Maybe someday :)


  10. I wonder if the people complaining about the price realize that (1) this is a 78″ x 59 3/4″ WOODCUT (that’s a really big woodcut!), and (2) that the price of art is not determined by the complexity of the materials used in its production (though I suspect this print is much harder to make than most would imagine). Please try to remember that the concept itself is often the hardest part of a work of art to duplicate.

  11. anna – I agree with you on the concept part of most art. However, i do find this really beautiful, but yet i don’t really see a lot of concept with it.

    I saw that it is a woodcut, and in my mind that just doesn’t make sense to do it as a woodcut. It makes it cool, but seems like there are a lot of different ways to produce this with similar outcomes that aren’t a woodcut and therefor not so hard to create.

    I’m, not trying to make an argument, but the woodcut part just doesn’t make sense to me.

    But for something like this, i think it would feel a lot better to create it yourself in a medium that fits your personal concept over paying $2800 for this one. The feeling of it would be lost as vinyl on acrylic but i think painting it on wood would have a nice effect. Or as someone suggest route it out of a large piece of wood and paint it making something both visually and texturally stimulating.

    None the less it is doing something a lot of great art does. It gets people talking.

  12. I love it too. But maybe you could just paint it on your wall, no frame needed.

  13. I love it too. But maybe you could just paint it on your wall, no frame needed.

  14. Thank you! I had this un-credited on my blog too. Glad to know where it came from…