CLICK NY: Keynote Speaker James Cooper, Another Anomaly


Keynote speaker, James Cooper, Creative Director of Another Anomaly talked about some of their campaigns. (Keep A Child Alive, EOS and Converse and Eric Ripert) What stood out to me is his statement about how we’re in the age of “Good Works”. We shifted from “Greed Works”, to “Green Works” to now a time of “Good Works”. James feels strongly about educating students and giving them a good start. He taught and an ad school and instead of teaching them how to design/create an ad, he taught them how to start a business. Interesting!

His final slide, summing up his points niceley:

– test theories (don’t chase awards)

– be on the consumers’ side

– good is different / different is good

– help out the industry

– have partners not clients – you’re less likely to dick them over.

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  1. I imagine him doing the time warp.

  2. some of my notes:

    Through simple word of mouth propelled by a good cause, the ‘Keep a Child Alive’ campaign managed to hijack the media exposure of the first iPhone launch. One by one, the first people in line for an iPhone joined the movement and showed their support by wearing a ‘Keep a Child Alive’ shirt. This garnered press exposure over the 5 days they were queued and culminated in a sea of ‘Keep a Child Alive’ t-shirts flooding the Apple Store on launch day. The iPhone launch became their own media event, ending with the promise to sell their iPhones to help fund the cause. Lust for the iPhone turned to a greater purpose. Simple. Cheap. Brilliant.