CLICK NY: Tom Ajello, Creative Director Founder of Poke


Founder and creative director of Poke New York, Tom Ajello, started his presentation broadcasting us, the audience via qik. Watch us here. He runs a popular blog called and twitters here. He talked passionately about how we have to be out there and experience all new media services, to fully understand what is happening and being able to sell new ideas that will succeed in the digital space to your clients. Boy, this man has some energy. I am out of breath just listening to him.

Tom pointed us to all the many websites he’s running, one of them being his son’s site: I gasped and crinched. I am guilty of posting pictures of our little Ella on the web, but I would *never* advertise her personal site (at a conference). I belive that we, the parents of children of this digital new age, have to be very careful on the digital footprint we create for our kids. Right now, Ella is still too small to tell me if she’s ok with what I put out there. But one day, she might voice her opinion and disapprove. But it might be too late, thanks to sites like Wayback Machine they’ll be publicly accessible forever.

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  1. hey there! thanks for the post. I hadn’t been to your blog prior to finding it after Click NY. I’m an avid reader now. keep up the great work!

  2. couldn’t agree more. super lame.