connect the dots tattoo


This connect the dots tattoo made me laugh!

(via notcot)

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  1. I like this very much! Hopefully the ink doesn’t fade though…

  2. So funny and cute…

  3. now that’s a tatoo that would make my mum proud

  4. We’ve recently set up a graphic design tattoo Flickr group, called Graphic Ink. Read all about it over here:

  5. Como proyecto para laboral o algo de esto.. en plan tatus de pegar

  6. That is ridiculously amazing!

  7. You might also enjoy mine! Well, probably, kinda useful for both framing and convincing my printshop to re-calibrate :)

  8. Oh! That’s my friend Colleen. She’s gotten a nice amount of attention because of it. It’s always interesting to see whether or not the tat is filled in when we see her. My husband once asked, “But doesn’t your significant other get jealous when you come home and someone else has filled in all your dots?”

  9. Love the idea…very original.

    Fuse 8’s husband’s question cracked me up

  10. going to one million giraffes? great!!

  11. thats very stuphd to daht to yurhh self anyways