Don’t throw that broken chair out, fix it with the prosthetic seat


The Prosthetic Seat is made for cost-concious people living in NYC. You can find a ‘broken’ chair on the street any day, fix it with the Prosthetic seat, a prosthetic treatment for a broken chair seat! Hilarious. Made by 5.5 designers.

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  1. Awesome … except for the neon greeniness.

  2. What is hilarious about this? Are prosthetics funny?

  3. I think they took this concept a little too far past the “hey, you know what would be awesome?” phase…

    I’m gonna guess that people with a seat that is blown out/broken will either: the chair enough to fix it properly
    b.makeshift-fix it until later
    c.figure it’s time to buy a new chair

  4. If you look at how much they are charging for this “prosthetic”, I think it’s possible that this item is more of an art piece than an actual chair solution.

  5. I think this is a good idea….not for chair needing repair but a chair for a young child to sit on. Easy clean up after a meal!