The 2008 Presidential Election site for US Aliens


This site is for me: The 2008 Presidential Election site for US Aliens. Interesting: Al swiss living in the US that participated have voted for Barack Obama.

(thank you Hilary)

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  1. in the same spirit, i thought the preliminary results of the national mock elections for kids was interesting, as well…it’s interesting to see how they choose.

  2. here’s another for the aliens:

    and for the americans abroad missing out on their “i voted” sticker:

  3. Who are those Swiss McCain voters? Can’t believe it.!

  4. It is really interesting.
    And for the people from other countries, whose lives are also affected by the US elections?
    … guess it would be interesting to gather their impressions on this topical moment for the whole world. Any ideas anyone? Any link to collect these information?