urban family biking


Taga is a new style of bike, which just scored a Eurobike 2008 Award and the Kind and Jugend Innovation Award.

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  1. This looks pretty good – though I’ll probably always worry about the combination of kids and urban traffic – but it’s hard to beat the wonderful Copenhagen tricycles:
    If only every town were planned to accomodate them…

  2. The combination of having the child in front and the extra strong harness looks like it may be ideal for a disabled child; they don’t list any specs on child weight, etc. that I’ve seen on their site. They also don’t state about US availability. I would love to take my son on a bike ride.

  3. That is fantastic design.

  4. wow! that’s fantastic.

  5. wow! that’s fantastic.

  6. wow! that’s fantastic.

  7. maybe the design was inspired by the cyclos in vietnam and cambodia :)


  8. Your picture doesn’t show that the Taga bike folds into a baby carriage in 20 seconds. It also won first prize at the huge Kind+Jugend exhibition in Germany. Here is an example of the publicity it received: http://www.puericulture.tv/velo-poussette-taga.php