yard sign gone bunny


James Moyer, a candidate for State Board of Education (in Ohio–Columbus and its suburbs specifically) emailed me about his unusual political yard sign. For his campaign, he asked a graphic designer to come up with a sign that’s whimsical and kid-like, sporting a bunny, his favorite animal. I must say, it had me chuckle and it would definitely made me look. Would it make me want to vote for him?

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  1. I’d vote for a one-legged bunny any day.

  2. Yep. I’d vote for him because my impression from this sign is that he is (1) different, (2) creative, and (3) puts the emphasis on kids – where it should be – rather than bureaucracy or politics. I think it’s a very effective sign.

  3. The bunny with an apple is a great concept and I like the font. I’d recommend the rabbit be flipped horizontally to head ‘into’ the layout, rather than ‘heading off of the page.’ Also, the shape of the bunny from the neck down could be reconsidered to echo the graceful shape of the head. I love the ‘determined’ look on the bunny’s face!

    And yes, I’ll vote for him!

  4. I agree with Steph 100%. I love the bunny hopping off the page. She’s happily on her way to school!