Does Starbucks Tall make you nuts?

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  1. I love it, it’s like a less sweary version of the “Small, Medium, Large” Foamy ‘toon (

  2. I feel a little less alone after this little “tallmatter”

  3. hahahahahaha in spain i know a lot of people who simply ask for small, medium or large ‘cos they get really messed up with these stupid measures.

  4. It’s like at McDonald’s or at any food chains I know.
    My problem is that I can not understand why these practices are not investigated by the proper authorities, because this practice has only one aim, to delude the customer.

    Good video :)

  5. It’s like at McDonald’s or at any food chains I know.
    My problem is that I can not understand why these practices are not investigated by the proper authorities, because this practice has only one aim, to delude the customer.

    Good video :)

  6. I can relate to pre-coffee haziness. I think I’ll get my local barrista an xmas/sorry card..

  7. When will people get over the sizes at Starbucks? At this is point it is a pretty tired joke.

    No one rallies against Jamba Juice for having sizes called “Power” and “Original”. I know, let’s all go down to the sandwich shop and grill the employees there on why they don’t call a bomber a “large sandwich” like everyone wants them to!

    Short, Tall, and Grande are classic espresso bar size names. There was a demand for a larger size, and Venti (Italian for 20) was introduced. It isn’t some vast conspiracy to “delude the customer” — what an absurd thing to say.

  8. actually they have a size called a “short” which is the smallest size, and is not even on their menus, but is available at less cost.

    and it’s a better size for espressos or latees that aren’t all milk.

  9. Ever notice that they don’t even offer three sizes of cups? There’s always four sizes. I think its designed so that there’s no alignment to S/M/L that we might otherwise associate with it.

  10. I’m fine with their naming of sizes. Nowadays I order a “Tall,” but in the past I would order a small and they would CORRECT me. SERIOUSLY? You know the equivalents. Just take my order. Don’t tell me how to ask for what I want.

    Reminds me of the soup Nazi. Order juuuust right, or NO COFFEE FOR YOU! NEXT!

  11. so true so true, this is a total non-sense…

  12. That was really well produced! she’s a good actress.
    And look at how everyone’s responding… brilliant!

  13. i agree with Chenoa… hasnt this whole starbucks size thing been beaten to death already??

  14. Anyone that is fool enough to go to Starbucks deserves the idiocy they deal you.
    Plus the fact their burnt tasting java is awful.

  15. I order “small” or “medium” without correction but I live in Mpls. Maybe they are too Midwestern to correct me and just judge me silently.

  16. Like some of the other respondents here, many years ago I used to get ‘shorts’ at my local US Starbucks without much hoo-ha. A short, dry cappuccino was the equivalent of the normal cappuccinos I get in CH now.

  17. absolutely hilarious!

  18. I guess this is something so pressing, irritating and important that it was about time someone filmed and edited a video rant about it.

    Maybe issues like this just prove that our lives have gotten much simpler. There’s no need to save our energy for big problems and we can dedicate our time to causes like how a company names their sizes, or why people say Kleenex and not tissue.

    Beyond humor, the greatest thing about the show Seinfeld was you weren’t really supposed to like the characters. They were all about themselves: selfish, petty and meticulous about the irrelevant. I think you were supposed to see this and maybe realize, on one hand, that there are stupid and absurd things in this world, but on the other, see that you don’t get any further in life bitching about them. This coffee rant mirrors a scene in Seinfeld with Elaine trying to order a soda at a theatre.

    I guess it also kind of speaks to the idea of consumption and want over need. When you want something, you can be particular and rant about it. On the other hand, when you have a gaping wound in your finger, you probably won’t argue with someone trying to offer you a Band-Aid over a bandage.

    And yes, this is a pointless rant about pointless rants.

  19. jeez, get over your jaded self. Who cares what they call it.

  20. What next? “Who’s on first, what’s on second?”

    THis routine is older than my grandma’s panties, and she’s been buried for 20 years.

  21. errr… this is definitely an ad for starbucks. RIGHT? and so is this “tall matters” site. i’m not crazy here, we are without a doubt being marketed to.

  22. Just because others have brought this up doesn’t mean it’s “tired”…

    It just means Starbucks has yet to FIX this.

    It’s one thing to call your sizes Power, Original or Bomber… it’s another to use the Spanish word for large to mean “medium”, an English word meaning Big for “small”, and then an arbitrary Italian number.

    Branding is one thing, confusion is another. This has moved into confusion.

  23. @ ricky.
    Is this really the biggest thing we need to FIX today?
    Who the F cares people!

  24. @ricky
    If you’d been paying attention, Venti is 20 in Italian as in the 20oz size.

    I think the way American car companies name their cars is kinda retarded too. Sometimes they’re alliterations, sometimes they aren’t. Sometime they’re foreign words, sometimes they’re animals. Whatever, it’s their choice. And what’s with VW’s wind trade names?

    We don’t obsess over blog about how to “FIX” those. So, why Starbucks?
    If it really bothers you, don’t bother buying it. It’s still a free country.

  25. This video was cute, but completely absurd. Starbucks has been around long enough for people to understand their size names, it really is not that confusing. If it is, I think you have a bigger problem on your hands than ordering coffee.
    Also, I frequent sbux a lot, and almost every time I go someone orders a small/medium/large, and I have never seen them be corrected or have any problem getting the drink they want.