happier than a bird with a french fry


So Very Happy by dazeychic.

(via designvagabond)

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  1. This goes right up there with “happy as a clam”. Are clams happy? How would we know?

    Are birds with french fries happy? Happier than the non-french-fry-possessing population?

  2. As someone who has witnessed birds fighting over French fries, I have to believe that the winning bird is, indeed, VERY happy with a French fry!

    As for clams, well…they do smile all the way around!

  3. Love this poster ! (…and will sneak over to the website and…maybe…order it ?! )

  4. Awwwsuuuuum! Love it love it love it.



  7. bought it! love it! and makes me so happy. i remember sitting at mcdonald’s with my mom and sister when i was little, and we would sit there for ages giving the birdies little pieces of our french fries. :)

  8. Lynn, I have that exact same memory. Those McDonald’s birds were so cute. It’s no wonder we both bought the poster, hahaha…