hello, I am wine in a box. I am german.


Please meet Rotwein Nr.03. A bottle of wine in a box. I want one!

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  1. What, cask wine? Ha ha I’m sorry, but wine in a box has been around since the 60’s in Australia and isn’t that highly regarded here so I find it funny that its getting a mention on swissmiss. Cask wine is usually reserved for the cheaper wines here, we call it goon…maybe it needs an image makeover because I agree the concept is a good one.

  2. Whilst it is true that here in Australia cask wine has been around for a long time, there has been a shift in the quality. You may not be able to get the value of a $60 bottle in a cask but you can get $20 bottle quality in tetra packs.

  3. Yes cask wine has been around for decades, but sexy cask wine? Well that’s something new for sure :)

  4. I agree – the Germans’ packaging is much prettier than ours.

    I’ve never heard it called ‘goon’ (my husband has, I just asked him). I like to call it Chateau Cardboard. And some of the 2L casks are good quaffing wine while I’m making dinner. But a recent article in the Daily Telegraph suggests the beloved cask is on its way out…


    … maybe we just need nicer packaging?

  5. i have the box. with apple juice in it. its pretty cool…

    you should get on…

  6. Cool packaging, but it’s still wine in a box…

  7. Had this wine-boxes for my last birthday-party – it was the most wanted spot during the evening … and no rolling bottles on the floor… I think it’s a great idea!!

    greetings from munich

  8. so weird. i was just thinking the other night that i’ve never seen nice, boxed-wine package design. and here it is.

    i’ve recently discovered boxed wine and quite enjoy the convenience of having it in a sealed box on the kitchen counter. no corking and de-corking necessary. while higher quality wines usually come in bottles, you can get decently good, everyday wines in this great format.

  9. Boxed wine leads to lower carbon emissions during shipping: boxes are lighter than glass, and there’s less empty space than between bottles.

    Recent New York Times article on boxed wine: