instant frame


Small flat-pack instant photo frame formats images as Polaroid (with some trimming). Use a dry wipe to write a message – changing it when you change the image – an homage to the now defunct image format.

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  1. aw shucks i thought it was digital.

  2. I would love if it was digital, although it looks great like this too. Would be even better if it was ceramic or something like that instead of just acrylic. The price is right though!

  3. like the guy in the top, i thinkthis is digital, but the idea is great, specially for the guy who had many girlfriends ;)

  4. This is a rather inventive frame. I like it. Luckily, I still have plenty of real Polaroid film left. :-D

    The digital idea is pretty cool, too, especially if you could make a switch that allowed for a “Polaroid-izing” filter to be applied over the base picture to give it an even more Polaroid-ish feel.