Is Obama President? YES!

Picture_4 YES!!

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  1. ‘Made Me Smile’ indeed!

  2. Gogobama!

  3. I’ve been waiting for this day for four years now. Hope.

  4. I’m very pleased… but what is the site counting down to?

  5. Here in France it is the morning and it is the big day about US on radio. People are ariving at work with a big smile, they smiles on the metro (this it not common). France seem to be very happy, and start changing is mind about US. For first time since… France is smiling for america.

  6. Collective sigh of relief from Australia!

  7. Thank you America!!

  8. I want the same president here in Paris.

  9. oooiiiiiéééééée!!

    Yes! Thank you all! Here in Portugal it is the same thing, everyone is happy, a great day indeed!

  10. I’m not trying to start a flame war but, for all the fervent Obama supporters…What specifically is supposed to “change?”

    Will he balance the budget?
    Will he reform our monetary policy?
    Will he create incentives for saving?
    Will he withdraw our troops from the Middle East and elsewhere around the world?
    Will he cut wasteful government programs?
    Will he overturn the Patriot Act?

    Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t stand McCain either. Arguing about Republicans vs. Democrats is like arguing about Pepsi vs. Coke. One might be a little sweeter but they are pretty much the same.

  11. YES WE CAN!!

    Congratulations my friends, the whole world is celebrating today :-)

    Love from Spain!

  12. couldn’t resist
    this came to me early this morning:

    Word cloud created with Wordle of Obama’s Victory Speech.

    Keywords: Tonight. New. America. People.

  13. “Is Obama…” seems to be very popular


  14. i’ll be the jerk that says it:

    if you’re going to make a giant 3-letter word your entire design, you damn well better kern it.

    Y ES!