love-growth-cash triangle


There’s a certain joy that comes from doing what you love, getting compensated for it and constantly learning new things in the process. Your goal should be to maximize each experience and try to cover as many new areas of the bigger triangle as possible. Maxing out your Triangle, by Jack Cheng

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  1. I’ve been championing a similar philosophy for years, except mine deals with “personal, professional, and creative” aspects of a job. It’s basically the same thing.

    It’s not so much about the size of the triangle, but about finding balance. And of course everyone puts different weight on the different aspects.

  2. You did a similar post a year or so ago, I think, with possibly a different graph? I’m glad you posted this because I was trying to explain it to a colleague but couldn’t find the older post. Nice to see someone else burning the Sunday-work-candle. :)

  3. My partner has just pointed out that the perfect job looks like a hamentashen pastry. :)