I Love You But…


I love you but… is a lovely project by Alex Holder and Ross Neil.

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Fifty People, One Question: New York

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.

I agree with Tim, I think this is a lovely question. This just totally put a smile on my face. (enter happy sigh here)

what a lovely name


What a Lovely Name is a web application that not only helps you generate a baby name based on tags — cute, wise, quirky — and a combination thereof but it also generates a (relatively) custom logo that you can then magically export to zazzle and get all kinds of merchandise.

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Season’s Greeters

Season’s Greeters.

Cubic Switchplate


Cubic Switchplate – Lightswitch by DesignGlut.

If Mac is like short skis, PC is like…


Here our metaphor begins to break down. Short skis really don’t work as well at high speeds, for good skiers. But that’s not necessarily true of short-ski computers. Currently, the Macintosh has only limited memory, but that’s more of a financial consideration than a fundamental design problem. There’s no reason the Mac can’t get more powerful without losing its essential character. In fact, the Macintosh uses the power of a high-technology 68000 chip (the same that’s inside many $20,000 computers) to make itself easier. It’s inherently more powerful than the harder-to-use IBM PC, but its power makes things easier, not tougher, for the user. Incidentally, when I told Don Estridge, head of the IBM division that developed the PC, that the Mac was short skis, he thought for a moment, then said: “Yes, but tall people need long skis.”

The Mac On Skis“, by Esther Dyson

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Koolman by Kevin Cyr


A reader of mine got in touch and I couldn’t help but notice this line in her signature:


The person you love….


Peter Horridge – ‘The person you love . . .’ Print.

Andrew Bannecker | Illustrator


Lovely shoe illustration by Andrew Bannecker

A Brooklyn Kid Coin Bank


This Water Tank Bank has Brooklyn written all over it. Made me smile.

Konaka Shower Clean business suit

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Charley Harper toys at OldNavy


I am echoing Jennifer’s words: Perhaps I’m late to the party but did you know that Old Navy is carrying a Charley Harper Line for the holidays?

Papercraft Turkey Dinner


CreativeTechs newsletter had me laugh out loud: Check out this Papercraft Turkey Dinner (PDF). Get crafty folks!

love-growth-cash triangle


There’s a certain joy that comes from doing what you love, getting compensated for it and constantly learning new things in the process. Your goal should be to maximize each experience and try to cover as many new areas of the bigger triangle as possible. Maxing out your Triangle, by Jack Cheng

kids expressions while playing video games


watch the video over on the NYTimes: kids expressions while playing video games

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PSFK Good Ideas in 2009 Report


Already acting as major trends advisors the team at PSFK has channeled their trends expertise into a new book Good Ideas In 2009 available on Blurb.com.

The 80 page book features 9 Good Ideas and manifestations of them. The book is intended for a business audience – for advertising and branding professionals, for innovation and R&D staff, marketing managers and business strategists. A sample of the book can be found online here.

swissmiss studio: recent work


John and I launched version 2 of abitareshop.com today! Abitare is a wonderful gift and accessory store in the heart of Brooklyn Heights. Together with John Ford of Aldenta, I had the pleasure to design and build abitare’s first web presence. Up until yesterday you had to email the store owners to order a product but starting today the order button says ‘add to cart’ instead of ’email to order’! Besides adding the full blown e-commerce capabilities we’ve also added product categories and a product thumbnail navigation once you’re on a product detail page.

Abitare is one of my favorite stores in my neighborhood and the owners, Lizzie and Joanne, have made it on the very top of my list of ‘favorite client ever’. If you’ve started your holiday gift shopping already, check their site or better, drop by their lovely store on Henry Street.

Study: Babies in buggies need to face parent

Parents who choose a stroller that seats their baby facing away from them could risk long-term development problems in their children, according to a study published Friday.

Study: Away-facing strollers stress babies

Grid Systems T-Shirt


Grid Systems is a limited edition T-Shirt designed and produced by YouWorkForThem

Toast Adhesive Bandages


These Toast Adhesive Bandages made me laugh. Not sure if our little Ella would approve though.

bookworm bookmarks


bookworm bookmarks by witty Bob’s Your Uncle.

abc song

Our little Ella approves!

TED: Carl Honore: Slowing down in a world built for speed

Journalist Carl Honore believes the Western world’s emphasis on speed erodes health, productivity and quality of life. But there’s a backlash brewing, as everyday people start putting the brakes on their all-too-modern lives.