I *love* PlayFoam!


So, here’s a product, I would have never bought, did I not have the chance to try it at a friend’s house the other day. PlayFoam
always looked messy to me. But you know what, it’s way less messy than Play-Dogh. In fact, it’s not messy at all and quite addictive to play with. I just picked up a box for our plane ride to the swiss alps tomorrow. Little Ella will be thrilled. And if not, I’ll have fun playing with it. Whee! (I admit thought, I do question if it can be harmful, it sure does smell toxic!)

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  1. fun to play with…
    but try to have ella (and you!) clean your hands before and after. this (and floam, which is similar) has been known to breed e. coli and staph germs.

  2. And just wait until Ella decides to grab a big, wet hand full and rub it into the carpet.


    It’s very tough stuff to get out of carpet once it dries.

  3. I love this stuff too…bought something similar (could have been this – can’t be sure) for my niece two or three Chirstmases ago and found that I was playing with it more than she was (happens a lot). I hadn’t heard about any carpet cleaning problems afterward, but that’s the joy of being the aunt and not the parent sometimes! LOL

    Fun site…thanks!

  4. And I do question if you can take it on a plane just like that.

  5. If it smells “toxic” please reconsider subjecting other passengers on a long flight to that smell…

  6. If it “smells toxic,” it most likely *is* toxic. Why not some homemade playdough? And yeah, I’m betting that’s not going on the plane…

  7. wow I remember this stuff from years ago. It’s amazing stuff. But it definitely frightens me just a tad. Ok I want some.

  8. This product is a rip off of the original.
    please dont promote it. The original product is called FLOAM.