It’s Draft Dodger Season


These Draft Dodgers are simply stunning. Me want!

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  1. im lovin chunky knit at the moment! trying to find a cheesy christmas jumper to get into the festive spirit!

  2. Looks easy.
    Cast on 14 stitches with bulky yarn on appropriate needles,
    Row 1: knit
    Rows 2-6: knit row, purl row,
    Rows 7-8 (not sure if it should be 7-9or 7-10): knit all rows.
    And there will be buttonhole somewhere. ;)

  3. Lovely. I might have to whip me up one tonight :)

  4. And it was so.

    Mine’s ok. Hers is a bit groovier. I think I have to find a vintage button.