Today’s CreativeMornings with Zach Klein and Casey Pugh


Today’s CreativeMornings was a success. Hosted in the amazing MEET space in SOHO and sponsored by the fantastic Behance with a presentation from the truly awesome Zach Klein and Casey Pugh. Today’s talk was about physical computing. What’s that? Check out the page they made – – to learn a bit more about the technical stuff they were talking about. Part of what’s helping physical computing emerge more is Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform. Zach and Casey showed some simple circuit controls using LED Lights and Arduino, and then demoed a Daft Punk helmet with super cool flashing messages. They went one step beyond that and showed a flash interface they had written, where what you drew on the computer was transmitted to the LEDs on the helmet. Physical and digital interacting in real time. The whole thing really highlights the potential for potential collaborations between artists, designers and engineers.

Check out some pictures of the talk here. Did you participate and take pictures? Please consider adding them to the CreativeMornings Flickr Pool. And we will upload a video of the talk next week. Roland Lazarte, a freshman at NYU is volunteering his time and expertise and is filming the talks. A big thank you also to our Virtual Skype Guest Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel from São Paulo, Brazil.


DROP CAPS by the Heads of State


My office mate Jason Kernevich, of the Heads of State, just pointed me to one of his most recent projects: DROP CAPS. They installed the above alphabet into the ceiling of the room in which they studied typography, at Tyler School of Art. Absolutely fantastic. Wish I could see it in person. Thank you Jason!

Most Emailed News


Most Emailed News compiled on one single page. Neat.

My prayers have been heard!

Jed Schmidt is likely to be a very popular man today. He is the first person to create a genuine, legal, no installation (therefore no void of warranty) way of using copy and paste between Safari and Mail: iPhone Copy and Paste Arrives for Safari and Mail

It’s Draft Dodger Season


These Draft Dodgers are simply stunning. Me want!

The Emoticarolers

The Emoticarolers site allows you to rewrite the lyrics of classic holiday songs, then send the Emoticarolers off to the digital doorsteps of your friends and family. Received this particular carol by Barrett. Thank you, made me smile.

get crafty, people! swissmiss alpenglow project


I am happy to introduce the swissmiss alpenglow project. Here’s what you do:

1. download and print swissmiss_alpenglow.pdf
2. download swiss yodel mp3 at for alp pasture ambiance.
3. grab exactor knife, ruler & cutting mat.
4. proceed to cut out elements on page two with patience and love for detail.
5. assemble as indicated. put tealight behind alps. sit back and enjoy your swiss alpenglow*!

*alpenglow: a reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains

UDPATES: See the first photo submission by Tanya Romstad from Sweden. And the growing photo collection of the crafty submissions here.

Whopper Virgins

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This is what I call inventive…


They wanted to attract more students. So it installed WiFi in some of its stores near universities. The problem is, lots of students just come into the store for the WiFi but hardly look at the menu. So They and CoffeeCompany decided to move the store’s menu into the WiFi menu of customers’ laptops.

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Sparkbliss, an online dating matchmaker applies “six degrees of separation”. They believe your social network is the key to bringing together individuals of similar interests, backgrounds and values. Each member develops a private network of trusted friends and families who can view his/her profile and make romantic introductions on their behalf. Members have complete control over who they invite into their private network. Some people add as many connections as possible, while others are more conservative. Adding “super connectors,” those people that seem to know everybody maximizes your ability to discover your soul mate.

(The design of their site sure does not want me to use their service…)

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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamp Set


Things like this Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamp Set just make me rejoice as an artsy/typography loving parent. I can not wait to give this to Ella so that we can both play. (And yes, I know, I should become a Melissa & Doug spokesperson. Love the brand!)

To Go Vacuum Cup


This brand new thermo cup from Stelton, To Go, has a patented rocker stopper allowing you to drink hot coffee or cold iced tea wherever you go – drink from any angle – from all 360 degrees around the cup as if there were no lid on. (Major gift alert going off!)

Vintage How They Make An Eames Shell Chair Video

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Stacking Tree


Lovely gift idea for a little one: Plan Toys Stacking Tree. Seen over at Cookie’s Ideas for the Holidays.

Bestarium Minimum


Turn your office desk into a wild jungle with Bestarium Minimum by Julian Hector. Cut them out and piece them together. They stand, just like real animals would! Great for role playing games too. This one time, I played the part of the Griffin and Unicorn. Together, we poked the Cyclops’ eye out, dropped a book on top of the Minotaur, threw a (lit) match down the Dragon’s throat, and tied the Hydras’ necks into knots, all before Medusa turned us into stone… good times.

London Shop Fronts


A blog compiling images of London Shop Fronts. Beautiful.

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My current top ten ‘Twitterers’. Now 12!

I tried to explain my fairly new found love for twitter to our dinner guest J: “It’s all in finding the Twitter gems. If you follow the right people, you have a little magic mini blog network at your fingertips!” At the end of my rant, I promised J to list my 10 12 current favorite ‘Twitterers’. (this list is very much in flux)











UPDATE: Here are two additions. As I said, this list is very much in flux:



Second Life affair ends in divorce

There is no way I would have been able to explain this to my grandmother: A British couple who married in a lavish Second Life wedding ceremony are to divorce after one of them had an alleged “affair” in the online world., Second Life affair ends in divorce

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20 signs you don’t want that web design project

Most clients are good clients, and some clients are great clients. But some jobs are just never going to work out well. Herewith, a few indicators that a project may be headed to the toilet. Guarantee: All incidents taken from life.

20 signs you don’t want that web design project, by Jeffrey Zeldman. Amen.

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Top 25 Design & Architecture Blogs


Trend Updates compiled a list of Top 25 Design & Architecture Blogs. (that graphic is painful)

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Big Spaceship at AIGANY Design Remixed

I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend last night’s AIGANY Design Remixed with Michael Lebowitz and Joshua Hirsch of Big Spaceship. Thanks to Michael’s post I was able to get an idea what they were talking about. I would have loved to attend for two reasons: a) Michael is a fantastic presenter and knows his stuff when it comes to digital design and b) I am going to be giving one of these talks myself in february. Did anyone else write about last night’s presentation?

wireless speakers


Beautiful wireless speaker system by Michael Young.

Hooray! First alpenglow image has arrived!


Hoooray! We are jumping up and down of joy here at swissmiss studio! Why? Tanya Romstad from Sweden just sent us the above picture of her swissmiss alpenglow project. Yay for crafty Swedes!

taking the mystery out of interview questions

This article focuses on a particular kind of interview question, what I call the “Not Getting Hired” question. I call it that for two reasons: One, because questions that fall into this category have become such a routine part of the interviewing process that the person asking it rarely pays attention to the answer (and for good reason, as I’ll explain later). Two, because no matter how an interviewee answers the question, the information doesn’t address the key issue in any employment search.

5 Job Interview Questions That Mean You’re Not Getting Hired…And One That Means You Are.

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