Perfect Gift for a traveling 2-4 year old: Trunki

Christmas came early for our little EllaBella: Her fabulous aunt sent her a Trunki . Designed for family holidays, children can pack, sit-on and ride their own luggage, whilst parents can keep them in tow. It’s been a huge hit already. We had to pull Ella up and down the hallway. Trunki will definitely keep us and E entertained next wednesday at the airport, waiting to board a plane to the swiss alps. (YAY!)

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  1. You have mentioned this before……Are you gettibng paid for product placment???/

  2. My three and half year old son, Sebastião, has one for almost 2 years. It’s fantastic. More than helpfull to carry his toys, it can easy long walks inside the airport, specially when it starts to be over-weight to carry hand luggage and toddler in arms….

    We travel by plane every two months with him and he can’t imagine to leave home without it…. It’s the first thing he gets when we start to pack.

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  4. Might be a fun way to get my son through the airport faster. :)

  5. FInally some creative mind put some colors in the airports. Now we can laugh a little more and entertain ourselves. Hey, there some luggage for adults too? Where can we find? :)

    geO freitas

  6. Wow, I LOVE it….will have to post on my blog too….thanks for showing it to us!

  7. Hi – tried to send a message to your contact e-mail but it bounced. I’d like to invite you to be a guest blogger on our Swiss news in English site, Can you get back to me please? Thanks, and very much enjoy your site.

  8. Tim, I’ve searched my archives: No, I have never posted about Trunki before. And No, I do not get paid for product placements.

  9. This product was the subject of the BBC tv show Dragon’s Den. On the show, inventors and businesspeople ask investors to invest in their product.

    Anyway, the investors (the dragons) didn’t like this product b/c they easily broke it. Maybe the company fixed that problem, though.

  10. I got one of these in NY a couple of years ago, the first one broke as I packed it to take back to TO, the replacement one lasted about 3 months before one of the closures broke off. As one of your other readers said, maybe the company improved the strength of the plastic, but maybe they didn’t. We still have ours, but use a strap to hold it closed. Also, your child has to be under 3 years old and fairly short to ride on it. Otherwise it’s legs drag across the floor. A great idea, that would have needed another pass in the design and manufacturing stage. Too bad, because it looks great.

  11. To be fair to Trunki, the first thing the guy on the Dragon’s Den panel did when he picked it up was to deliberately try to rip the handle off. And he succeeded, and it went down from there.

    It’s a great idea. But most products have a ‘handle’ you can deliberately rip off.

    For example, the first iPhone had no 3G, and I won’t get an iPhone because it’s not got a replaceable battery for longer life. That’s my version of ‘ripping off the handle’.

  12. My 4yr-old nephew has a Trunki… sooo much easier to drag him around an airport for 2 hours than having to make him walk, or sit in the same place!

  13. I saw that Dragon’s Den show too, they totally laid into the guy who invented these! Good to see he’s got it off the ground, I think they’re a great idea.

  14. Long time reader, first time poster.

    I bought this the day you posted it for my nephews Christmas present and just got it in today…It’s awesome! I got the limited edition cow print because he loves going with his daddy to take care of the cows! Thanks for posting :)