Photoshop Type Time Savers

Photoshop Type Time Savers from Viget Labs on Vimeo.

(via viget)

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  1. Handy!
    May I add a third one?
    When using the type tool, a quick way to deactivate a type layer and create a new one is to simply press the “enter” key instead of going back to the tool palette and deselect from there.
    It’s actually way more complicated to explain it than it is to do it, so just give it a shot …!

  2. @Daniele, your tip is a nice time saver, but isn’t it slightly more complex than hitting ENTER (it seems that ENTER simply creates a hard return and new line within the type layer)? On the Mac at least, CMD+SHIFT+CLICK immediately creates a new type layer as you are suggesting. Also, CMD+RETURN commits the type layer changes (while staying on the type layer), which is nice if I don’t want to immediately create a new type layer. Kaske and others are sharing similar tips in the comments of the original post ( if you’re interested.