Vintage How They Make An Eames Shell Chair Video

(via core77, chrisglass and kitsunenoir)

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  1. Nice add. This is a film made by the Eames studio.

  2. It’s like “How It’s Made” but with better music! (Yes, I said better.)

    Very cool video.

  3. Now we know why these timeless piece of design are worth so much. I still want one in every colour :)

  4. Vraiment superbe cette vidéo !
    On comprend mieux toute la difficulté à réaliser un objet qui nous semble si simple ao premier abord.
    A bientôt…:)

  5. My library uses these exclusively :P

  6. Love it!

    Such a nice music and pace.

  7. I’m happy to say I showed this video for an in class presentation, Go Eames!!!