A question for my swiss readers…

I have an odd question for my swiss readers: Do you know where I can get an mp3 of that SBB jingle that plays at train stations right before a train arrives or they say an announcement over the intercom? I spent quite some time searching online but came up empty handed.

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  1. hi tina, i made a similar search last year for the electronic sound that used to be played over the intercom at charles de gaulle airport, and finally found it on a french electronic music website. unfortunately, i did not see anything related to the sbb on the site.

  2. Hi Tina…

    I’ll drop you a mail this evening… i got it here.

    Greetings Bastian

  3. hier gibts sbb-ansagen als mp3, verschiedene jingles sind auch drin:

    gruss aus teufen

  4. I searched on http://www.freesound.org and on other site, but I didn’t find anything. Should I record this sound on my phone and send you a mp3? I’ll do without that problem, just tell me.

  5. It’s not a question for Swiss readers only in the days of internet ;-) I am Dutch and love this ringtone as much as I love Switzerland because of it’s design, it’s mountains and last but not least it’s wonderful and efficient public transport. So here is where you can find the mp3 http://schweizweit.net/2007/09/03/sbb-ton-downloaden/.

  6. Yay! Thank you so much! Perfect!

  7. thank you! my husband loves you.

  8. Tina,

    It’s amazing how much that one small sound makes me miss Switzerland so much! All of your photos made me want to pack my house and make the leap!

    Also, I never realized the tones were different for the French, German, and Italian parts – how Swiss of them!


  9. I actually have the combination of the three tones (no, not cut together from the samples, but the original from the SBB). Schrib nume we se möchtsch… It is a lot of fun sitting in a train, having your cell phone on “loud” and receiving an SMS with this tone, everybody in the car is confused because there’s only the tone but no announcement ;)

  10. ooohhh this sound makes me miss my wonderful time in Switzerland when I was an exchange student there.

    Dankeschön ; )))

  11. Hello

    Does anybody here have these jingles and is willing to send them to me? Sadly, on the page mentioned above they now charge money for it…