Anyone remember Scacciapensieri?

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  1. oh heck, i’d completely forgotten about this. i feel a nostalgic youtube trip starting…

  2. YES! I remember 35 Years ago – Saturday evenings, me and my brother, sitting in our pyjamas in front of the tv – not understanding a word (since it’s been in Italian language) but loved it!

  3. Hahahaha of course…but damned I must have been young! You’ve tapped into my subconcious with that one!

  4. I always watched it 20 yeas ago and they still doing it, every Saturday evening, on Tsi 1.

  5. I always watched it 20 yeas ago and they still doing it, every Saturday evening, on Tsi 1.

  6. Let me guess, your next post will be about La Linea ;-)

  7. Oh yes! My grandpa used to tape it every single Saturday evening with his old Video 2000 recorder… I wonder where all those tapes have gone after he died. He was a huge fan of all cartoons and comic stuff.

    He also bought every single issue of german Mickey Mouse Magazine from the very first one in 1951 (the year my mum was born) until the one that came out the day before he died. He gave them to a bookbinder and so he had a book of them for every single year from ’51 to ’89. At least, I know where these are, still!

  8. Oh yes Tina!

    Great, I was just recalling it some days ago with my friends…

    Here in Piedmont, and north Italy as well I guess, we usually watched cartoons on the Svizzera Italiana instead of the italian TV!

  9. Oooooh yes I remember watching them every week on swiss italian TV-channel… along with Mr. Hickup, Captain Future, Signore Rossi, etc.
    I think with this started my big love for cartoons!

  10. Sure, a very old and stilling alive transmission.

  11. Yessssss, and Tofsi?

    Saluti dal Ticino!!!!

  12. I do!
    Saluti da Vercelli, in Italia!
    I used to watch the Scacciapensieri show from Italy – Piemonte, and it always was so funny!

  13. Oh, yes!

    I hear it’s still around.

  14. yessssss absolutely, i used to watch it everythime, and i’m still laughing

  15. and “gatto arturo”? always on tsi, i have just discovered after years that “inside” was one of the lugano design school teacher.

  16. scacciapensieri has been designed in 84 by bruno bozzetto with the voice of carlo bonomi. his name was “stripy”.

  17. oh my god
    i’m deeply in love with your blog
    scacciapensieri…thank you so much it took me just some 20 years back in time :)

  18. Interesting to see where “Stripy” came from. My first exposure to him however came through an odd compilation put out here in the United States from Expanded Entertainment in the 90’s, entitled “Guido Manuli: Animator”, focusing on works of Manuli which included an episode of Stripy and one of “Mr. Hiccup”. Unlike Mr. Hiccup, Stripy never saw any airplay in the US as I can recall. Watching these cartoons, I couldn’t help but think they would’ve came in handy on some channels I used to watch back then that used to play stuff like “La Linea” or “Lilliput Put” (which I enjoyed seeing back then).

    I was rather impressed a while back seeing both Stripy and Lilliput Put got LaserDisc releases in Japan back in the 80’s, and bought myself the Stripy disc a few years back.