Picasa for the mac. Finally.

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  1. i was so excited to hear about this- BUT you have to have an intel processor in order for it to work. booo. doesn’t work on power PC’s. i’ve been counting down the days…and am so disappointed :(

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! MY LIFE IS BETTER TODAY! I have been WAITING FOR THIS! I didn’t put my photos into the mac software because I was just waiting for Picasa to come to mac!!! Thanks for letting us know! You’ve totally made my day!

  3. Why would you choose Picasa over iPhoto?
    I don’t get why Picasa gets this much attention all over the internet??

  4. The real question is: Why would you choose PowerPC over Intel?

  5. unfortunately it wasn’t a choice… work computer and hand me down computer- now if i had lots more money, then it would be a whole other story! :)

  6. The interface isn’t very ‘mac-like’.

  7. Who cares that the interface is not really Mac-like? This is BRILLIANT for all the actual and potential Mac converts from PC. At last I can recommend a Mac to my dad, lol!