Question for my readers…

I am peparing for my AIGA/Apple Store presentation on february 11, 2009 and am wondering:

What expectations would you have, assuming you would come out to this event?
Is there anything specific you would want to ask me?

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  1. i would ask you where you find all of the wonderful things you post on this blog. do you just trawl the internet?

  2. Oh man, I was going ask that!

  3. I can’t speak for everyone, but I enjoy hearing other designs give case studies about projects they’ve worked on. I find the start-to-finish process very interesting, especially when there are challenges along the way. But be careful not to turn it into a show-and-tell.

  4. I feel that as designers it is so important to be on the pulse of everything design related, anything that brings inspiration and your blog seems to embody this.

    I am not sure if I will be able to make the event on the 11th — but I would love to know in what other ways your studio blends inspiration from other disciplines and cultural stimuli and how this affects (or doesn’t) the projects you take on and the approach you take towards design solutions.

  5. i second amanda’s comment. you have such a finger on the pulse with regard to design and technology. it would be interesting to know how blogging about such has impacted your design projects and what, if any, disciplines have developed as a result.

  6. how do you juggle being a blogger/designer/mother/etc.

    Also, if you had any thoughts on where blogs were headed, say, 3-5 years in the future that would be interesting as well!

    Wish I could make it!!

  7. I’m not exactly what the topic of the event topic is about but since your blog covers exciting finds from all over the internet, it might be interesting if you shared some of your knowledge about best practices in re-blogging.

  8. I second what JOhnny said! How do you make time to do all the stuff you do? Like today I had 12 new post. How do you make time for all of it? Being a designer, blogger and mom? I’m really impressed!

    Not sure you’re supposed to talk alot about your blog though, but it would be interessting to hear about it. And since im In Europe I wont be able to come either. But it woud be interessting just to hear more about what you do, really :)

    (I’m not the best of help, i recon :P)

  9. I would ask what prompted the move to NYC from Switzerland? I happen to have first-hand experience with the goodness of Switzerland and am curious to learn why you made the leap.

  10. Given your strong curatorial role online, I’m sure you could shed some light on the extent to which designers are becoming more curatorial in the rest of their work.

    In other words; how hiring a particular designer or design group means tapping into an ongoing stream of influences alive in the world, and how the specific job can become a two way street – one where you’re meeting the immediate and specified needs of the client, while offering a link to a broader stream that the client may only understand in a limited fashion, but which the could benefit from joining.

    In short, how do designers sell clients on the investments they can and should make to benefit from cultural context? How do they convince clients to pay more to be easily curatable?

    Coming from an accomplished curator, I suspect this would go over well.

  11. The calendar year, average work week and daily work schedule is much different for a blogger than that of an average designer. What part of the work week yields the most fruitful work for your design blog…. weekend evenings, late afternoons, early weekday mornings?

  12. As any visitor the site will know (or anyone clever enough to read the URL) you’re a Swiss born designer. How has this informed and impacted your designs – or do you feel it has?

  13. I agree with Prescott. I think a lot of people will assume you will talk about Swiss Miss and the nuts and bolts of blogging, but I would love to hear in depth about a recent design project, and also how you think writing the blog has affected you as a designer.

  14. As a Swissmiss devotee, I’m just excited to finally meet you, Tina. So glad you can do the series, I’m looking forward to your talk.

  15. I am new to your inspiring blog and would like to hear a little more about your personal journey. Especially because I am a “German gone NYC” with a daughter (soon two), designer and artist myself…who is thinking about blogging.

    As some others have already suggested I would like to find out how you manage your life & time & money as a designer/blogger/Mama…and any advice you might have for us.

    Looking forward to your presentation.

  16. As someone who discovered he wanted to be a designer late in life, I would like to know what are key things for you that mark out great design.

    Were you born with an eye for it or was it developed.

    I am in the UK but would love to be there. Will it be posted for us to see?

  17. I would like to know how you promote the blog. Do people just find you or do the links from others feed on itself? How did you evolve to include advertising on the blog and is it lucrative for your business model? How long did it take you to get to the top of your game (since i remember we talked about it as a bud just a few years ago and it seems like you have blown up since!) I’m going to be at the talk. Looking forward to it, Tina. We miss you at Spark…

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