Agency vs freelancer – your take

Last month David Airey asked what the difference is between hiring an agency and hiring a freelance graphic designer. The discussion that followed was great, and he has picked out a few of the answers. Read them here.

(I do think though that David uses the wrong term here, it should not talk about freelance graphic designers but independent consultants.)

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  1. I think some designers are independent consultants, but there are quite a few freelance designers as well.

    I think it all come down to approach versus make it pretty.

  2. Hi Tina,

    I think you’re absolutely right, and you’ve prompted me to add an update to the foot of my post, pointing readers in the direction of this related discussion:

    Are freelance designers really suckers? (linked to through my name)

    It’s a blog post from my 2007 archives, and focuses on the value of our job titles when attracting potential clients.

    Have a great weekend!