Analog Weather Forecast


Check out this somewhat analaog weather forecast system. Pick your city and see an image depicting your current weather. My favorite picture is ‘snow‘. Windy is pretty funny as well! A project by Kurt Riedi and Steffi Gloor.

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  1. reminds me of a project i did awhile back… pulls pictures from flickr with tags that attempt to match the current weather:

  2. So great, it made my morning here in a grey London!

  3. Wouw! I love this even a day of rain makes me smile!!

  4. Hey, a good few years back BBC had something very similar, huge desktop dominating but beautifully designed desktop weather.

    Nice find.

  5. how fun! wish they would turn this into an iphone app!

  6. An iPhone app would brilliant!

  7. hahaha, wonderful!

  8. This is hilarious!
    Das ist genial!
    Αυτο ειναι τελειο!