Cure for Road Rage Shticks

Cure for Road Rage Shticks

Don’t hold it in. Get it out! You’ve seen it: putting on make-up, txting, driving with one knee while snacking…it’s unacceptable! Everyone appreciates multi-tasking, but NOT while driving, please. Or, what about the jerk that steals your parking spot, or that tailgater creeping up even NOW. Sometimes, you just have to say what’s on your mind. But who’s gonna hear you in your car? 10 double-sided signs (9 pre-printed and one DIY), expressing sentiments ranging from “Shame on You” to “Are You Drunk?” Save your breath and say it with Shticks!

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  1. I just discovered the view by category feature on the site. Love it.

  2. These are fabulous!

  3. I pretty much need this :D

  4. It’s more fun with a friend who’ll be happy to flash these signs for you ;)

  5. Years ago I was driving and had stopped to close to this gents bumper for his comfort level. All of the sudden he was rummaging around in his car and then flashed me with one of the signs…. I just thought he was mad as a hatter! His were hand painted on rice paper ‘paddle’ fans. Your signs reminded me of the exchange and started my day off with a smile.