Everything’s amazing & nobody’s happy.

(via mikelightman)

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  1. It really helps to put things into perspective. But seriously, why doesn’t my iPhone work faster !!!! :)

  2. So funny (and true). Great find, thanks for posting!

  3. dear swissmiss,
    nice choice. it would be very nice though if you could spare a minute and write something about or at least note who is this guy on the video you picked out.

    because nothing in this world is self-evident.

  4. It’s Louis CK (a standup comedian, actor, writer and director) on the Conan Show. http://www.louisck.net

  5. You’re sitting in a chair… in the sky.

  6. V. nice. I am so glad someone else think that way. i always find myself amazed by bridges.

  7. Fascinating.

    A complainer that complains about complainers.

    Someone please complain about this guy.

  8. louis ck! what a guy.

    thanks for that!

  9. I’m glad others find flight so amazing, usually it’s just me and the 5 year old in seat 26 B.

  10. Give me nothing but simplicity, tell me i can make it whatever i want it to be and you will know where to find me

    Give me complications and you will find me wanting something more…

  11. Nice piece, txs – it is all so true in 25 yrs we became the Jetson’s … still missing my privacy, days of “no phone was available to call you back! Ha Ha make me smile :-)

  12. Wonderful. Made all of us here laugh, and then smile about all the cool stuff around us.

  13. Good point, well made! People would also do well to realise there’s billions of people without easy access to food, water and shelter, never mind iPhones and other fancy shit.H

  14. I love that rant. It got deleted from YouTube a bunch of times, so thanks for the find!

  15. yes, so true (i’m 29 and took my first flight at 24), FYI i am that guy in the plain where everytime it takes off i’m like:
    “OMG!!! THIS IS AMAZING….where flying”

    and when i don’t have the window seat and the person that is closing their eyes cause their scraed, i’m like:
    “OMG where flying!!!! can i pleaseeeeee have you seat just for the take off and landing?”

  16. You’re sitting in a chair…in the SKY.


  17. I’m so excited to say that I’ll be attending Louis CK’s show at the Wiltern in LA this month!
    Couldn’t be happier you posted this clip! Two of my favorite comics!

    PS – I have a sticker on my Mac that says ” I Heart Switzerland”! How I miss the cheese and crisp air!

  18. You’re all a bunch of fuckin’ douche bags!

  19. This guy is GREAT! After his first video I had to go back and forward this to ALL my friends before finishing the rest of his feast !

  20. Oops…guess I should have watched more before I sent it to everyone…STILL funny…

  21. Freakin’ instant classic! Bravo!

  22. Hey Douche Bag, I mean Potty Mouth: go practice falling down! Nobody wants your shitty attitude here or anywhere else!

  23. ernie cline – “when i was a kid” …. look it up, similar.

  24. If anyone, like ever, asks… I’ve made Russian subtitles. ;]

  25. i’m pretty sure ‘Potty Mouth’ was the guy next to CK on the plane going “pff, this is bullsh*t.”

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