Forget All The Rules You Ever Learned About Graphic Design


Forget All The Rules You Ever Learned About Graphic Design by Bob Gill.

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  1. looks like I will have to add this to my library. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Bob Gill is one of our teachers at Pratt!

  3. Glad you like this. I bought it on Abebooks after a friend recommended it.

    Definitely a must-have for graphic designers.

    (HI + LOW)

  4. I had Bob Gill as a professor when I studied at Parsons School of Design back in the early 80s. He was often abusive and humiliating to his students. However, I learned more from him about the thinking process behind design than all my other professors combined, and I have carried those lessons with me to this day. This book was essentially the study guide for his class. The projects are a bit dated now, but the concepts are timeless. Thanks, Bob.

  5. Bob Gill is my hero. And the best graphic design teacher in the world. Period.

    His books will teach you to understand what concepts are and the process for developing them yourself. What more could you ask for?

    Bob’s latest, “Graphic Design as a Second Language,” is the textbook for the graphic design classes I teach at Parsons School of Design.”